About “New Liberty Bell”

"New Liberty Bell" by Shirley Steele

“New Liberty Bell” by Shirley Steele

As I was putting together this blog, I attempted to visualize a logo that would capture the essence of what I would be writing about. Not having much in the way of artistic skills, I ventured out on the Internet to look for inspiration. Little did I know I would quickly find something that would so perfectly encapsulate the idea of “Life, Liberty, and Technology.”

As soon as I stumbled upon “New Liberty Bell“, I knew that I needed to look no further. How much more perfect could a “circuited” Liberty Bell be for this blog?

So I contacted the artist, Shirley Steele, and asked her permission to use her art for my blog. Shirley graciously agreed to my request and so I am honored to give this wonderful work of art its own page.

Please check out Shirley’s other technology-themed work at her web site, steelestudio.com, “New Liberty Bell” is also on display at the website, Breadboard as part of the Virtual Public Art Project. If you are ever in Philadelphia, download the VPAP app and take a look at “New Liberty Bell” hovering above Independence Mall. This picture below is a screenshot from the artist’s phone that she sent me. She is in the lower left corner of the picture. I would love it if anyone traveling to Philadelphia would send me their picture with “New Liberty Bell” as well. I’ll add it to this page.


New Liberty Bell VPAP