Obama and Apple

President, I've worked with Apple. I know Apple. Apple is a friend of mine. President, you're no Apple.

Obama, I’ve worked with Apple. I know Apple. Apple is a friend of mine. Obama, you’re no Apple.

As usual, please read my Obligatory Obama Disclaimer if you haven’t already.

As expected, the rollout of the online Obamacare exchanges was plagued with issues. In an effort to make excuses, Obama compared the launch of his exchanges with the release of Apple’s iOS 7 just a couple of weeks earlier. He said Apple found a glitch at release, fixed it, and nobody was suggesting that Apple should be shut down. He suggested that we should give Obamacare the same latitude while it works through its glitches, even after they’ve had 3 years to get it ready. Well, Mr. Obama, you started this game, so let’s take your comparison for a little spin, shall we?

If Apple had a record of terrible programs and systems like that of the federal government, they wouldn’t be the most valuable tech company in the world. They’d be more like … well … Microsoft. Obamacare is to the federal government what Windows 8 is to Microsoft: disasters of unprecedented scale that threaten to bankrupt their creators.

Like Windows 8, if Apple had put out such a terrible system, a system that many experts predicted would be awful, there would have been a huge uproar from their customers. Why is Obama so surprised that his “customers” are pushing back?

Unlike Obamacare, if I don’t like a product Apple puts out I can choose not to buy it. Apple’s products don’t cause other increases in my cost of living. And Apple damn sure doesn’t forcibly take my money if I refuse to buy their products.

Comparing a socialist program like Obamacare – supported by forced taxation, coercion, and threats of violence to ensure compliance – to a product developed in free market – in which customers freely make the choice to purchase – is a slap in the face to the principles this country was founded upon.

  • http://marcelbrown.com/ Marcel Brown

    I’m not sure what being an Apple developer has to do with anything in this post. And what exactly is “simply not true” as you state? This is mostly an opinion piece extending an analogy that Obama himself started of Obamacare and Apple.

    Blind hate? Did you read the first sentence in the article and corresponding link? I have no problem with Obama the man, only his big government polices, just as I do with any politician who advocates big government.

    Just as I wrote in a previous article, Obama is the president and ultimately the executive branch of government is his responsibility. Good leaders take ownership of all that they manage. This is especially true when they advocated the creation of something new and radical like Obamacare. If he can’t take responsibility for Obamacare, what can he take responsibility for?

    His web designers miscalculated the popularity of the healthcare exchanges? In a country of hundreds of millions of people, they didn’t think that a measly 7.5 million people might hit the government healthcare site? Again, this shows a clear lack of leadership if the new leviathan of a bureaucracy created by Obamacare couldn’t convey the potential flood of people hitting their web site. Sure, it may not be directly Obama’s fault, but ultimately it’s his signature policy and he is in charge of it as president.

    You accuse me of blind hate and then you have the audacity to start personally attacking me and the work I’ve done on this site? Interesting. I won’t stoop to that level, but I think this site is doing well enough. After all, you found it. I guess my message is getting out there somehow.