NOW Do You See How Big Government Hurts People?

Komen CartoonAs the whole Komen Foundation/Planned Parenthood debacle has wound down, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at the whole situation with a slightly different point of view. So far, this has been one of the biggest stories of the year. Yet while most people were busy laying blame, they missed the bigger picture.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood were crying foul, lighting up the social networks, claiming the decision was politically motivated. I agree the situation reeked of politics. But most people were focusing the blame everywhere but the root of the problem. Whether the accusations were being directed at Komen, Rep. Cliff Stearns, or the Republican party, it all missed the real mark. Each antagonist in this story are merely stray embers of a bigger fire; symptoms of a bigger disease. Above all, this entire situation was rooted in the destructive power of big government.

The firestorm was precipitated by a change in the policies of the The Komen Foundation. The new policy stated that Komen would not donate to organizations that were under investigation by local, state, or federal authorities. By itself this seemed like a reasonable policy for a charitable organization. One problem with this policy was that it assumed guilt, which they have now corrected. However, the bigger mistake the Komen Foundation made was in accepting the United States Congress as a legitimate law enforcement authority. Nothing in the constitution gives Congress the power to act as a de facto police force, and any implied investigative authority is to be confined to scrutiny of governmental function. By accepting big government trespass, Komen empowered big government to dictate their decision-making process. This potentially hurt the very people they claim they want to help and they got burned in the process.

Now many of you are thinking along the lines of “congress does investigations all the time – remember Mark McGwire and the whole steroids in baseball thing?” This is a discussion for another time, but are you really surprised when big government oversteps its bounds?

And that is exactly what is happening here. A politician with an agenda is poking his nose, and the force of government, where it arguably doesn’t belong. Now this happens all the time. It’s just that most people don’t know or don’t care because they believe government is working in their best interest. But the sword cuts both ways, and this time the sword has cut back against the grain – and incurred the wrath of women scorned.

The fallacy of big government is that its proponents believe government is motivated to “do the right thing”. On the contrary, almost all politicians are motivated to do what they think will keep them in office. This means catering to their political party and those who make large contributions to their campaigns. So it is usually the little guys who get hurt by big government programs. The problem is that usually the pain is not so obvious or so quick in coming. Rarely is the destructive power of big government so publicly put on display as it was here. My hope is that some people will take this opportunity to become more aware of the fallacy and damaging power of big government. Only when enough people come to this realization will we have any hope of turning back the tide of big government.