Welcome to Life, Liberty, and Technology!

Hello. My name is Marcel Brown. Welcome to my new blog!

On this blog I will share with the world the multitude of thoughts and ideas that regularly bounce around my head. “Life” is a big topic and I will write about a number of seemingly random topics that interest me. That being said, two of the topics most important to me are liberty (or freedom) and technology. So besides the random topics that come to mind, a great deal of what I write will revolve around the concepts of liberty and technology – and the ever increasing intersection between the two.

I’m sure many people will consider some of my writing controversial – in fact I guarantee it! That’s just fine with me. Too often we hold back our opinions due to fear of what other people will think. So if you aren’t open-minded, this may not be the blog for you. But if you like to exercise your mind by reading opinions that are perhaps a bit out of the box, welcome! We may not always agree but at least it won’t be boring!