When Sucking in One Product Category Just Isn’t Enough

Samsung Galaxy Note

Hey ladies! Is this hot or what?

Behold the Samsung Galaxy Note: It’s  a smartphone that’s way too big and a tablet that’s way too small!. Any way you choose, it does neither well! One device that sucks across two categories – way to go for the gold medal in mediocrity, Samsung!

Manufacturers competing against Apple seem so desperate to find a hit, they are attempting everything and anything in new product designs. It’s as if they are saying, “let’s keep throwing things against the wall until something sticks.” They are frantically attempting to discover that mystical form factor or combination of technical features that will draw users away from the iPhone or iPad. The problem is, superficial technical features are not the reason why Apple’s products are so popular. Their runaway success is due to the combination of reliability, ease-of-use, and empowerment that iOS devices embody. Until someone else can nail the complete package, they have little chance of seriously threatening Apple’s dominance. Apple has ushered in the New World of Technology and everyone else is trying to compete using Old World rules.

The situation reminds me of the old adage about bringing a knife to a gun fight. The competitors may have bigger screens, or claimed faster processors, or run Adobe Flash, or come with styluses, or you can buy one get one free, or their commercials claim how much they “kick ass” – but they’re all still knives in Apple’s gun fight.