Cars of the Future

I have always had a keen interest in the convergence of cars and technology. For the amount of time that we spend in cars, I think most of it is very unproductive and I’ve spent a lot of time (especially when I’m spending otherwise unproductive time driving myself!) thinking how technology could be used to make the time we’re trapped in our car better spent. As well, I’ve also wondered how technology could be used to make driving safer. Most of my ideas have not been feasible, but with the rapid advances taking place in The New World of Technology, it seems entirely possible that we could see a lot of advances over the next few years in car/technology integration. Perhaps most exciting for me is the research Google is doing with driverless cars. In fact, the state of Nevada just became the first to issue a license for a self-driven car in May.

I recently came across an article on Mashable that shows an infographic for the “connected car of the future”. Created by a company called  Symphony Services, it has a lot of interesting ideas, so I’ve copied the infographic here. Do note, however, that this particular infographic may also win the award for the “longest-ass infographic of the year”. So be prepared to scroll awhile – enjoy!

The Car of the Future