If You Don’t Stand For Freedom, What Do You Stand For?

The Declaration of Independence

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine

Happy Independence Day! Regardless of your political beliefs, I ask that you read this entire article in the spirit of freedom.

Whether you believe that businesses in this country are trampling on the rights of the people, or that special interests are manipulating the government into infringing the rights of individuals, I know that every political viewpoint believes that freedom is being oppressed in this country in one way or another. The problem, I believe, is that far too few people have a clear grasp of what freedom is. How can we all come together under the spirit of freedom when we don’t know that that means?

I don’t blame people for being misinformed. After all, they aren’t being taught the true meaning of freedom in schools nor is it being broadcast by mainstream media. Over the years, the true meaning of freedom has been twisted and corrupted for the benefit of various political agendas. But I do hold everyone accountable who does not take the time to research and truly understand what freedom is. If you aren’t clear on the meaning, how can you say you stand for freedom? There is nothing more important to cherish than your freedom. Every other ideal you hold dear means absolutely nothing without freedom. If you don’t stand for freedom, what do you stand for?

On this commemoration of the day that 56 men pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in the name of freedom for their countrymen, I challenge everyone to re-examine exactly what they stand for. Most people in this country say they believe in freedom, but actions speak louder than words. Freedom is one of those rare things in life that is black-and-white. Either you believe in freedom or you don’t. You can’t half-assed believe in freedom, because if you believe that there can be compromises to freedom, than you’ve compromised the very spirit of freedom itself. And the belief that infringing the freedom of others for some sort of “greater good,” is giving others the permission to infringe your own freedom.

To start, I recommend reading the book Healing Our World, by Dr. Mary Ruwart. It is actually free to read on-line, so there are no excuses for not reading it. Unlike most books that try to explain political concepts by using convoluted philosophical explanations, this book is extraordinarily simple to read and uses examples and analogies that are easy to grasp. The concepts are clear and touch upon almost every societal problem that motivate people of all political persuasions. I guarantee that you will find ideas in this book that will challenge your preconceptions, just as much as you will find thoughts that resonate with you in ways you were never able to put into words before.

If after reading this book and pondering the concepts explained within, you do not find yourself questioning the policies and systems of our government, then I suggest you allow the 4th of July to pass without fanfare from here on out. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, I you would seek as I seek, then welcome to a new consciousness. For just as the founders of this country proved, once you understand the true meaning of freedom, there’s nothing that can stop you from pursuing it.