The Freeman’s Creed

Freeman's CreedI recently stumbled upon the following quote:

I am free because I say I am. My freedom is not dependent on any government benefit or piece of legislation. My rights are inherent in the fact that I was born a sovereign being. They are non negotiable. Government can list them and protect them, but my rights are not theirs to give or take away.

I tried to find where this saying came from but I could not find a source. Oddly enough, the only place I could find it was a couple of web sites, but the most common hit was this particular Facebook posting by Daniel Stratton, a political candidate/commentator from New Zealand. I asked and he was not the originator of this quote. If anyone has any information on where this quote came from, I’d love to know.

In the meantime, I think this “Freeman’s Creed”, as I will call it until otherwise corrected, absolutely deserves its own place on the Internet. Instead of pledging allegiance to a flag and the government it stands for, perhaps we should be encouraging our children (and ourselves) to recite this? What do you think?