Why Am I Not Hungry? Day Two of My Juicing Adventure

This is about to become my dinner!

This is about to become my Day Two dinner!

Before I get started, I just want to give a big thank you to my wife, Danelle. Without her juicing expertise and support for my endeavor, I certainly would be having a much harder time simply staying organized around making my juices!

I woke up today (day 2 of my 10-day juice fast) and my wife suggested I try an all-fruit juice. Normally, the juices we have made in the past have been predominantly vegetable-based. It is suggested that juicers keep an 80/20 ratio of vegetable to fruits so as to not intake too much sugar and also to take advantage of the higher nutrient content in the vegetables. But if you are going to go fruit-heavy, then do it in the morning so you have all day to work off the sugar. I made a juice of mostly pineapple with some orange and mango thrown in. It was very tasty. But as I often am in the morning, I simply wasn’t hungry. This is why I often don’t eat breakfast. I’m simply not hungry so I don’t think about it. As tasty as the juice was, I almost had to force myself to drink it.

Later on, I expected that I would be hungry around mid-morning as I usually am if I eat breakfast. But today I wasn’t hungry, even at 11:00 AM. I finally drank my mid-morning juice around 11:30 AM. I still wasn’t hungry and I really had to make myself drink the juice. I’m wondering if the high sugar content of my morning juice kept my hunger away.

This is weird. I expected that I would be hungry more often. To be honest, I really only feel hunger pangs when I see or smell food. My family had tacos tonight and they sure smelled good. But for now I have the willpower to simply look away or make myself busy with something to forget about food.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I wonder if my body will start having more hunger for solid food after two days or if it will start becoming accustomed to my new diet. I also will go to my weekly BNI meeting where I usually treat myself to a “naughty” breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, and an occasional French toast. I will miss that, but I will bring my juice along and I should be fine. Check in tomorrow to find out how I’m doing!