Hell Hath No Fury …

Xena is AngryOne of the biggest stories of the year has been the Komen Foundation/Planned Parenthood uproar that I wrote about earlier. This situation was closely followed by the Obamacare/Catholics/Contraception commotion, which I also wrote about. It is this second circumstance that spun off a third controversy, namely the ruckus created when Rush Limbaugh called a woman attending college a slut.

While I could care very little about the Rush Limbaugh situation, I comment on it because it continues what seems to be a recurring theme on my still-young blog: Don’t piss off women.

It doesn’t seem to matter what your political persuasion is, or even if your organization stands for women. If you do anything that seems to infringe on the rights, or even besmirch the honor of women in general, you better be ready for a fight. Perhaps I’m just noticing it more lately, but while various women’s groups have always existed, it just seems that “female power” has been ramped up to a furious level lately. Which is one reason why I wrote the article about Dr. Pepper 10 and the power of women in this New World of Technology.

What do you think? Are women uniting more now than ever in history? Could it have something to do with the power of social media?